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Crysalin was founded in June 2007 to research and develop a protein lattice technology that originated in 2002 in the Oxford University Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics.

Crysalins are a protein-based nanotechnology with application in protein structure determination. Crysalins demonstrate significant advantages over other methodologies for protein structure determination since they are able to impose order on macromolecular targets to enable X-ray and EM instruments to resolve 3-D molecular structure where current technologies have failed (in particular: membrane proteins and soluble proteins with flexible regions). Crysalins also have the potential for use in biosensor development and optoelectronics.

Crysalin has received investment from IP Group plc, Oxford Technology Management Ltd, SandAire, Oxford Spinout Equity Management, Ora ( Guernsey ) Ltd, and the Oxford University Challenge Seed Fund (UCSF).

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